Today's Gaming Drama

Reviewers Have Spat

Company sells game

Man gets fired

Journalists Given Freebie

Site says goodbye

When I started this site after GDC in 2012, it was out of frustration – I believed that the culture and discussion around indie games was changing, and that the awesome, personal, and usually free work that had influenced me was being left out and forgotten. I wanted to change that, and I think, thanks to the help of my wonderful co-curators, we did that, for a while.

Company sues fans

Character gets heels

Dead man in game.

Developer responds to concerns

Earlier this week, several people on Twitter voiced their discomfort with what they perceived as Nazi imagery in LUFTRAUSERS, and the belief that you play as a Nazi pilot in our 2D dogfighting game.

We do have to accept that our game could make some people uncomfortable. We’re extremely sad about that, and we sincerely apologise for that discomfort.